A Small Flock

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A Small Flock

Do you believe in fate? Or perhaps consequences which bring you something or that something comes to you?  When I decided to work with wool and fibres and specialise in felt-making I never truly thought that I would be providing a home for a small flock.

Clearing Space

At home we have had for a while now a paddock which has been little used.  It had become overgrown, neglected and the brambles had take up residence “big time”.  At the start of the year we made a decision to clear the land, renew fences and trim back hedges whilst we considered our options for its future use.

A Chance Remark

Then from out of the blue a friend and fellow villager happened to ask if we knew of anyone who had a small piece of land suitable for a few sheep.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy my felt-making I also take an active interest in all things to do with this wonderfully sustainable material.  From Shepherd’s Huts to Sheep Dog Trials, from Sheep Shearing to Husbandry.

Keeping a level head and not getting too excited we met with the owner of the sheep.  We walked the paddock, discussed the clearance which was underway and what else needed to be done.  With a few weeks of combined teamwork, lots of clearing, securing of fences and hedges the field was ready.


It was arranged that the sheep would come over on Sunday.  I headed off to Chapel in the morning returning to find ten sheep in the paddock.  It was a beautiful day and when I saw them my first thought was how “right” they looked in the paddock.

We have been advised that some are in lamb.  I asked how many and it is thought possibly four!  Could be more, could be less.  Apparently they tend to lamb when the weather is settled and calm.  And with favourable weather at the present time we have to keep checking to see if the numbers have increased.

Meeting and Drawing

They seem quite at home.  The neighbouring horses were a little perplexed at first.

I decided to take a closer look and get to know the new additions to our world a little better.  I took a few photographs and sat in the paddock to draw them.  Whilst I was looking at them they were clearly looking at me.  I have identified one which is definitely in lamb.  One with a missing ear and another with quite piercing eyes and a heavily crimped forelock.

Who would have thought I would have had access to a small flock this time last year – not me.  But it is just wonderful and I can’t wait for the first lamb to arrive.

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