My Practice

I am a contemporary textile artist located in the South West.  My work incorporates new, old and donated wools, fibres and textiles.  Often garments are deconstructed, fabrics cut up and, on occasions, dyed.  My intention is to give a new lease of life to textiles which could so easily have been “binned”.  Each piece, large and small, makes a difference and has a place of its own in the work I make.

My inspiration comes from the natural world, especially the garden where so much happens if you take the time to look, listen and feel.

Seeds of ideas –  planted into pots – nurturing and flowering.

Drawing, mark-making, writing and observation are central to my creative practice.  I also enjoy the simplicity and creative opportunities afforded by working in pen, ink and watercolour.


Following the completion of a degree in Contemporary Creative Practice I reconnected with my garden.  This in turn has supported my growth and change of direction creatively, intellectually, physically and spiritually.  My felted pieces in particular evolve organically, contain elements of experimentation and always begin with the seed of an idea.

I am a member of the International Feltmaker’s Association and continue to build on my own knowledge and skills with continued learning.  My own workshops encourage creativity for all ages sharing skills and techniques.  The emphasis is that we should all aim to do the best we can with what we have or have access to.  It develops problem solving skills and opens a world of creative possibilities.

How I Work

I work mindfully whilst in the making process and engage with the materials so that the outcome is always as good as it can be.  From the laying down of the first fibre, thread or textile right through to the final stitch each piece takes time, patience and a responsive, caring and understanding hand and mind.