Artists’ Residency

It has been a busy week one way and another.  As a result of my energy and efforts I have secured an Artists’ Residency at Cornwall College for the next 8 weeks.

I have proposed to work in ceramics and find ways to incorporate some of my feltwork too.  In addition I intend to use the print room and do some lino printing.

Garden Project

The body of work I intend to produce will be a continuation of my 2018 Garden Project.  I have a diary which contains 365 entries all related to my garden.  They are not lengthy.  They are responses to the changes, seasons, weather, feelings and observations.  In addition I restricted myself to only taking photographs in and around the garden one day a month.  Of the photographs I took I only kept 10.  It might not seen a lot in our “age of plenty”.

I feel that the less we have the more we can look, appreciate and understand.  We have to find a way to be thankful for all the activity that goes on, often unseen and unnoticed.  Quietly and steadily the processes of change are all around us.  Close your eyes, listen and you will hear it too.


Drawing on Linen

The camellias are out in flower now and  as usual the weather changed and the flowers fell all too quickly to the ground.  I brought some in to examine how they are constructed.  Removing the petals I observed the form they took.  Repetition is a wonderful way to build confidence and skills.  As humans our ability to make exact replicas by hand is not possible.  Each action can be as valuable as the previous one.  And each image has its own variance of a theme.

Drawing Surface

The linen fabric I have drawn on was given to me as an unwanted pair of curtains from someone’s studio.  It has been packed away in the bottom of a box for sometime now.  Following a wash and iron it is now going to provide me with my drawing surface for the first stage of the residency.

The residency will culminate in early May when I will curate an exhibition of my work.  Watch this space for my progress.

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