Blue Moon

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Blue Moon

Inspiration for creative ideas can come from anywhere and at any time.  Sometimes completely out of the blue.

The past few weeks have been particularly sad and last week I sang with a few members of the village’s community choir at a funeral.  We had been asked to sing in favour of the playing of a recording of the requested song, which had carried a special meaning in the life of Adrian.

The song was Blue Moon.  It was written in the early 1930’s and its original authorship seems to have been somewhat disputed.  But when Rogers and Hart put their names to it, it gained in popularity, particular in the U.S.  In 1961, The Marcels released their version and it received international recognition.  Covers of this song have been made by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Rod Stewart, Billie Holiday and Bob Dylan.

In addition it has been, and continues to be, anthems for two football clubs – Crewe Alexandra and Manchester City.

It is not a song I am familiar with and so we practised until we all felt ready for the service.  When the time came, we stood and despite the sadness of the occasion, we sang to the best of our ability.  But more than that.  We sang for the widow and grieving family.  We sang with each other and for each other.  We sang for the church, for work colleagues, friends and acquaintances.  We sang for Adrian

The following morning the song repeated over and over in my head and then I had the idea of creating my own Blue Moon.  I sourced suitably coloured fabrics, some of my own dyed silks, handmade paper and threads.  I cut the moon from silk using a dinner plate as the template and began laying and stitching the pieces together.  There was no plan and no foreseeable outcome.

Completing it I realised that I had included an image of a feather.  In the Bible the feather is used to imply the idea of something “covering” or protecting and symbolises God’s loving care.  Something many people in our community need at the present time.

In the presence of death we can experience the very best that human life and love is able to give.  Creativity can provide us with the means to create our own version.  No matter where the original came from, or how it touched and inspired us.

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