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Begin with a Single Note

A year ago someone in the village had a great idea to set up a community choir.  The emphasis was placed on community.  Everyone was welcome regardless of age or ability.  This weekend I joined in with the first practise session of 2019.  It drew together 14 adults and 8 children.  Several people who could not make it this week will join us for the next session.

I had been asked to join last year and was so surprised as I always believed that I could not sing, despite having a secret desire to be able to do so.

A Practise Session

The practise session is one hour long.  If you arrive early there is a cup of tea and some cake.  This gives everyone an opportunity to chat and get organised before we begin.  Friendships are formed and the children are surrounded by music and creativity.  It generates a sense of belonging and being part of something very special.  For this one hour each week regardless of all other things our individual lives are woven together as we sing as one choir.

The Wider Community

Our singing has been appreciated at several village events.  The Summer Fair, switching on of the Christmas lights, Christmas Fair and we especially enjoyed singing for the residents at a local care home.

Consequences of Singing

Belonging to a choir has unexpected consequences.  I find myself singing along to the radio, rather than just listening.  I breathe more deeply.  I sing the pieces we are learning in the shower or when out in the paddock feeding the horses or in the garden.

Music emulates life, especially the natural world when all the elements are perfectly aligned.   The notes, rhythm and timing are all in the right order and place.

From a note of an idea and a bit of planning, we find that one year later the community choir is continuing to grow.  But there is always room for you.  And if you think you can’t sing just come along and sing with us, you could be pleasantly surprised.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  And you never know how it could impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

We have a Facebook page – Carharrack Community Choir

Or seek out a choir near you.

Community Choirs – putting Harmony back into Human Lives.



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