Felted Beads & Cords

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Felted Beads & Cords

Felted Beads and Cords

A great introduction to the wet felting process is the making of felted beads and cords.  In September I will be running a workshop as part of the Helston Makes It event which celebrates craftsmanship.  I will also be demonstrating felt making at the day long event in the Helston Museum on Saturday 22nd September.

Booking and further details of all the other available workshops and events during the month are to be found on the Helston Makes It facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/helstonmakesit/

Learning Techniques

My felted beads and cords workshop provides an opportunity to consider the quantity of wool being used.  We begin with five grams of fibre and each attendee is given four small bundles of weighed wool to begin with.  After demonstrating the technique it is time for everyone to have a go for themselves.  First attempts are often tentative and like all new learning there is some hesitation.  With encouragement and support everyone will gain an understanding of the basic technique.

More Wool, More Skill

It is always interesting when seven grams of wool is used to make a felted bead.  How different it feels to handle more wet fibre, even just an additional two grams.  But the newly acquired skills can be adapted and build upon when working with more wool to achieve a successful outcome. It’s all about building confidence with skill.

Felted cords are always fun and easy to make and once the basic technique has been learnt the possibilities are endless for both felted beads and cords.  Alternative fibres, colour combinations, weights, length and mixing of fibres.  Combining with other materials, cutting them up, and integrating them into other pieces of work, both 2D and 3D are all possible.


The refining of any skill is practised through repetition.  But repetition should also be a process for improvement.  To hone skills, knowledge and dexterity.  Making felted beads and cords is good fun, the creative possibilities are endless and with only a small amount of material, soap and water they can be made on a kitchen table with very little outlay for materials and equipment.

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