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Wet Felted Beads & Cords.

This week I ran my first felting workshop for Truro Wools at their new premises on St Mary’s Street, a short distance from the Cathedral, in Truro.  The shop is looking wonderful and I am sure many passers-by will be drawn in by the colourful display and hopefully be inspired and encouraged to pick up their knitting needles or crochet hooks.

My workshop was wet felted beads and cords and I went prepared to work in the newly painted and carpeted environment with a supply of towels, bubble wrap and plenty of tubs to hold the warm soapy water.  Situated just above the shop it was an airy, light and friendly place to be.  I was also conscious that anyone signing up for a creative workshop is likely to come with their own set of skills and soon we were chatting and sharing our experiences of felt-making whilst happily making.

I use my workshops as an opportunity to share some of my learning and skills and to promote a heightened awareness of the techniques and materials.  As with all felt making the initial handling of the wool, the way it is laid out or wrapped up will have a bearing on the final result.  And it is with practice that we become more competent and confident even if it is a technique we are familiar with.  We should never stop learning.

After a couple of hours we had a collection of beads and cords made with merino and also some beads made with a spun woollen thread which inspired the regular knitters in the room, all of whom have plenty of spare knitting wools at home, to try lots more creative bead making.Beads-and-Cords


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