Sharing Good Practice

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Sharing Skills

I get a great deal of pleasure running my feltmaking workshops.  The priority being to pass on good basic skills, sharing my creative practice and providing an opportunity for others to benefit in their own way.

Last Saturday I ran my felted pot workshop with eight attendees, each eager to expand their knowledge and skills.  For some it was to be their first encounter with a mix of wool, soap and warm water.

When someone tells me they have never done any feltmaking I set out to to provide the support, guidance and encouragement for them to succeed.  I simplify the processes, give guidance on what is going to happen and offer ideas for the personalisation of their own work.  I provide materials in a variety of inspiring colours, the basic equipment and a good space to work.  All the necessary ingredients to feed the creative spirit and build confidence.

Creating from Within

We begin with some bubblewrap, a template, some wool, a bowl of warm soapy water and a towel.  A couple of hours later we have in our presence some amazing pieces of work.  And this is just what happened on Saturday when I shared my skills with good intent.  We had eight wonderful felted pots in a variety of colours, of differing dimensions, designs, form and finish.  More importantly I had eight happy people who expressed their delight and amazement at what they had managed to achieve.

The image with this blog is one of the pots made by someone who had no previous experience of feltmaking.  Sharing, and sharing well, brings joy to both the giver and the receiver.  Sharing good practice in all things, exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge provides rewards in so many ways – and its good for us physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.



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