Simply Make Do

Simply Make Do

When we are driven to buy goods in excess we lose the ability to Simply Make Do.  Everywhere we go there is something on offer, something we must have and someone eager to sell to us.  There is a pleasure in making.  It does not have to be complicated.  We can do it.

Finding and Putting Together

The local auction house has a weekly household auction.  The viewing afternoon is packed with people, carrying notebooks, jotting down lot numbers and looking at the objects.  It is an intriguing environment for anyone with an enquiring mind.  I can see creative potential in many things.

Recently I was successful in securing a bid for two Art Deco chairs.  The framework is sound, the seat not so good.  I could easily have found a suitable fabric and replaced the seat cover.  But due to the age the entire seat had to be removed.  The back of each chair has a heart cut out of the frame.  So I decided that it just had to be hearts for the seat.

New Life to Bits and Pieces

Tucked away in boxes and bags are accumulated pieces of fabric. I kept moving them around never quite sure what I would do with them? Always reluctant to discard them.

And now I am going to bring together the bits and pieces of fabric with the chairs.

There is a sense of responsibility when objects make their way into your possession.  Especially when there is a history to them.  Where did these chairs originate and who made them?  How much did they originally cost?  But more importantly the skills required to bring them into being in the first place.

And now its my turn to put another part of the story onto these chairs.  My appliqued hearts will be assembled and become the new seat covers.  The wood will remain unpainted, just a clean and some polish and the two chairs will take on a new appearance and hopefully find the right home to reside in.




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