Twenty Reasons for a Sketchbook

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Reasons for keeping a Sketchbook

Artists keep sketchbooks, it’s a fact. They can be any dimension, quality or price. Handmade ones are very special. But they are not just for artists. On a recent holiday I made a conscious decision not to take my camera with me. I took my sketchbook instead and here are twenty reasons for a sketchbook.

They are in no particular order:-

One – To record thoughts, emotions and responses

Two – To develop and refine the act of looking

Three – Regular use overcomes the anxieties associated with making that first mark on a blank page

Four – A place to put ideas from the head without losing them forever

 Five – To aide thinking

Six – As sketchbooks evolve they become good friends

Seven – Observational sketching or drawing can be done on the bus, train, plane, when out walking, when alone at home and during your lunchbreak

Eight – They are so good at capturing and holding memories of places, people or events

Nine – They are good places to keep tickets, keepsakes and postcards

Ten – They never argue with you

Eleven – They become a constant source of inspiration for the development of creative ideas and designs

Twelve – They encourage the priority of daily creativity in our busy lives

Thirteen – There are no barriers to having a sketchbook. The activity is open to everyone the world over

Fourteen – The subject matter has no bounds – text, images, music, textiles, paint, crayon, charcoal, highlighters, collage, lines, forms, textures and stitch.

Fifteen – They can be the doorway to discovery and a new way of seeing the world

Sixteen – They encourage reflective thought. Look back over previous pages, days or weeks after they have been completed and consider how your thoughts have moved on or attitudes changed

Seventeen – They are silent objects when closed. Full of life when opened. Your life.

Eighteen – They stand in opposition to the cacophony that is social media.

Nineteen – They are personal handmade objects and that makes each one unique

Twenty – They are good for us. They provide the space in the madness of the modern world to be physically, mentally and spiritually engaged in the making of something which doesn’t need a direct power or battery supply.

  1. Kate Milan

    Lovely read, lovely reminder …creativity as a cure for the hectic stress of life x

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