Wood and Wool

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Working with Wood and Wool

Earlier in the year I decided to work primarily with two materials to see where it led me.  They are wood and wool.  There is an obvious connection with these two materials, especially when we think of weaving.  Wooden looms and wool have spanned history and woven their way around the world.

Natural Materials

The wood I used came from some trees that were cut down recently here at home.  I so dislike the sound of the chainsaw.  It jars at my eardrums and is so angry.  I marvel at the skill of the tree fellers though.  Scaling such heights with chainsaw in hand.  The way in which the branches are gradually removed until just the bare trunk remains.  Often swaying in the breeze as the weight and the branches fall away.

Space for New Growth

It is quite disconcerting at first when new vistas are exposed.  And the removal of any long standing vegetation can often give rise to a space or view which can be less pleasing to the eye.  However nothing stays the same forever and within a short time new shoots began to appear and for me new ideas.  Without the newly fallen timber I would not be in possession of some lovely pieces of wood which have provided the bases for my latest pieces of work.

Evolving Ideas

Unlike the trees which have been in situ for a long time, the flowers in my garden have had a short existence over the summer.  Due to the hot weather and lack of rain some have only shown up for a very short time.  The plants knowing instinctively that they needed to conserve energy and protect their roots.  So the blooms came and went.  So ethereal. So gently and quietly.  And they brought such delight.  And it is this that I hope I have captured with my pieces entitled “Grounded by a Thread”.   There is a comfortable relationship with wood and wool and I have further ideas to pursue.



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