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In the Company of Wool.

Our wellbeing is much more than just about feeling OK and keeping up with the pace of all that is required of us on a daily basis.

Wellbeing should be approached holistically, we are so much more than the exterior appearance we present to the world.  Our thoughts, ideas, creativity, spirituality, memories, experiences, skills and basic needs have to be taken into account.  Not to mention the raft of other things which accompany us as we navigate the roads, waterways, tracks, bridges and obstacles of our life.

During the Open Studios week I displayed a large pom-pom which I had made from a surplus supply of wools which had begun to accumulate in my bag of bits and pieces.

I grappled with the two large pieces of card to make my circles and after wrapping my first ball of wool onto the cut-outs I realised that this was going to take longer than expected.  Trying to visualise the outcome as I worked the colours and textures was not easy and it gave no clues until I finally cut it from the card and it took on its own unique presence.

The reaction to it was what really counted though.  Smiles, laughter, shared memories and easy conversation and the need to simply touch – they could not resist.  One visitor spied it from the other end of the corridor and made a beeline, ignoring neighbouring studios, to investigate further.

The large pom-pom was good for my well-being – I enjoyed making it and my visitors took genuine delight in my efforts.  Wool is simply good company and we all need a bit of that now and again for the benefit of our well-being.


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