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Wylde Market – St Ives.

I love going to the market at St Ives.  It is a good opportunity to sell my work, promote felt making and meet other makers and artists.

I attend the Wylde Market at St Ives once a fortnight and become a part of an event in the town which in turn has become a weekly feature of the local community.  I booked my first table less than a year ago and looking back now I can recall how nervous I was and how much time and energy I had put into the planning and organisation to make sure the day ran smoothly from start to finish.

Many of the makers and stall holders I meet are creative people and there is an underlying theme of sustainability, sharing and support.  Making, and making well, is what has to happen in order to meet the demands of the market place, even on a small scale.


Building Confidence

Displaying and selling your work at public events builds self esteem, confidence and self belief.  With each successive attendance at the market I develop ideas for the display of my work and the products I make. All the conversations I have with those that stop by to comment, purchase or express an interest in what I do are all valuable aspects of the day.

Behind each stall holder is a story and for those visitors who are willing to take the time and ask questions of the maker or artist will discover the story behind the making of the product or creative piece, the skills involved and the all important inspiration.

So whenever you are heading off to the local market think of the three W’s – WHO made it.  WHY did they make it. WHAT was their inspiration.  And then you invest in products which carry a deeper sense of meaning.

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