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Outdoor Creativity with Yarn.

The official term for knitting applied to post boxes, fence posts, bicycles and any other object which very rarely has a garment knitted for it is called “yarnbombing”.  And what a fantastic way to bring wools and fibres to the attention of others in an unusual way with a material which is so familiar to us all.

The creative use of wool in unexpected ways opens the door to new creative possibilities and gives both the viewer and the creative mind a new canvas or structure to work with.

And so I just had to have a go when my young niece came to stay for a day during the half-term holiday.  After explaining the intention of our activity I asked her to select the tree we would be working on and then we chose our materials.  A brief discussion followed about where to start and in what direction we would begin to wrap our wool around the tree and we were off.

Initially my niece had, understandably, felt a little nervous as it was out of her comfort zone but after half an hour’s efforts we had made what we considered to be a good first attempt and in her words she felt “good”.

Stepping back from the tree it now looks like it is wearing a little sweater and it has taken on a very figurative form, the yarn has accentuated the wonderful forms beneath the layer of moss and lichen.  And it looks so joyful.Yarnbombing First Attempt

This may be may first attempt at yarnbombing, but I don’t think it will be the last.  I just need to find the next object for my creative attention. And I may still continue to work on this one with a few more layers.

It is also wonderful to work outside on a lovely day in the company of a younger family member just having fun and being creative together.

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